Spectronic Medical provides AI driven technology to enhance radiotherapy by enabling MRI as the primary imaging modality

MRI Planner is a unique product that creates synthetic CT images with organs-at-risk delineations from standard MR images. The synthetic CT images reliably replaces conventional CT throughout all steps in the radiotherapy workflow. MRI Planner improves treatment quality by eliminating the need for multimodal image registration and by opening the doors for personalized treatment strategies.

  • High quality synthetic CT images for brain, head-neck and pelvis generated from MRI using the deep-learning based Transfer Function Estimation Algorithm.
  • Provides automated delineations of organs at risk (OAR) for prostate patients using advanced machine learning technology.
  • Requires only a single standard MRI sequence. Same type of image as is used for target and OAR definition.
  • Synthetic CT images both for dose calculations and patient positioning verification. Also with support for fiducial markers.
  • Get started quickly. No site-specific algorithm retraining is required.
  • Use of standardized DICOM files.
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Prostate MRI with delineations generated by MRI Planner

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Prostate synthetic CT generated by MRI Planner

MRI only radiotherapy planning
MRI Planner is currently regulatory approved (CE-marked and FDA 510(k) cleared) for clinical usage with brain, head-neck and pelvis radiotherapy planning. MRI Planner is continuously developed and improved towards the ultimate goal of being able to provide MRI only radiotherapy planning in all anatomical regions where it may provide a clinical benefit. If you are looking for a future proof solution for your MRI-only radiotherapy planning ambitions, MRI Planner is the right choice for you.
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Clinically verified in a multi center environment
MRI only radiotherapy planning using MRI Planner has been evaluated for brain, head-neck and pelvis in multiple scientific multicenter studies. In the tables below, results are presented for a published dosimetric comparison between synthetic CT and conventional CT for prostate radiotherapy planning. In addition, CBCT based patient positioning verification using synthetic CT was also evaluated.
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Difference in calculated mean doses (±1 S.D.) between conventional and synthetic CT for 62 patients. Relative dose difference is described as fraction of nominal target dose (range 64-78 Gy).

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Difference in registered patient position (±1 S.D.) between conventional and synthetic CT when bone-matched to 24 separate CBCT images for 8 patients.

AI driven technology
In order to achieve the best possible automated delineations, the MRI Planner technology utilizes a ground breaking AI platform. Highly complex deep-learning neural networks in combination with cutting edge image processing algorithms, enables synthetic CT for brain, head-neck and pelvis, together with excellent OAR delineations for prostate treatment planning. By providing the synthetic CT images and the automated contours as conventional DICOM files, full compatibility is assured with any standard treatment planning system.
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MRI only radiotherapy planning using MRI Planner