Spectronic Medical presents the Statistical decomposition algorithm

In a new scientific paper [Siversson et al, Med. Phys. 42, 6090 (2015)] Dr. Carl Siversson, CEO of Spectronic Medical, presents the patented Statistical decomposition algorithm (SDA). The SDA provides a method for automatic generation of synthetic CT (sCT) images from a single MR image volume. The algorithm is based on automatic tissue classification in combination with a model trained using a multimodal template material.

The presented study compares dose calculations between sCT generated by the SDA and conventional CT in the male pelvic region. The conclusion is that SDA enables a highly accurate MRI only workflow in prostate radiotherapy planning. The dosimetric uncertainties originating from the SDA appear negligible and are notably lower than the uncertainties introduced by variations in patient geometry between imaging sessions.