Spectronic Medical receives CE Mark for MriPlanner

Spectronic Medical announced today that it has received CE Mark approval for the commercial sale of its MriPlanner product. MriPlanner is the innovative product enabling MRI only based radiation therapy treatment planning for prostate cancer.

This is a major milestone in radiation therapy. MriPlanner eliminates the troublesome usage of dual imaging modalities, reducing both complexity and cost while bringing increased treatment performance” said Dr. Carl Siversson, CEO of Spectronic Medical.

Today both Magnetic Resonance (MR) and Computed Tomography (CT) images are used in radiation therapy. An MR image is superior to a CT when it comes to contrast of soft tissue, enabling medical staff to improve treatment of the disease. However, the CT image has so far still been needed since the MR image lacks the electron density information required for radiation dose calculations. Unfortunately, usage of dual imaging modalities does not come without drawbacks. Matching the two images, taken in different scanners at different times, will always introduce uncertainties. Secondly, using two scanners is more expensive both with regard to equipment and manual labor. Finally, the dual scanner workflow requires careful scheduling of patients and also adds additional discomfort for the patients, who are already in a very exposed situation.

MriPlanner now addresses these problems by generating a synthetic CT (sCT) from a single MR image. In addition, suggested delineations of organs at risk (OAR) are also provided; greatly reducing the time required for clinical personnel to create the final treatment plan.

Besides the obvious benefits of basing the radiotherapy treatment plan on a MR image this also paves the way for adaptive treatments, which has not been possible with the conventional CT based workflow” commented Carl Siversson.

MR in RT 2016 participation and preliminary results from MR-OPERA study

Spectronic Medical will participate at the MRinRT symposium held in Ann Arbor, Michigan (US) on the 18th – 19th June 2016.

In May, full enrollment of the 170-patient MR-OPERA Study was completed and some very promising initial results will be announced at the MRinRT symposium. The MR-OPERA Study aims to validate the MriPlanner software for MR to CT conversion for the use in a MR only prostate external radiotherapy workflow. Using a multi-center study setup, at the four principal university hospitals of Sweden, CT-based treatment plans are compared to synthetic CT plans for 170 prostate cancer patients.